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Modern Improvements to Classic Technologies: Innovating Electrophoresis and Chromatography Upstream of Protein Characterization to Speed Up Research

When testing new drug therapies, it is essential to know the identity of the protein being tested. Chromatography is a commonly used technique to separate complex biological mixtures and isolate proteins of interest prior to downstream characterization. Learn more about how automating chromatography and stain-free technology are helping to save time and effort in protein purification.
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What Pharma Is Doing to Triple Clinical Trial Successes

The typical success rate of a clinical trial is less than ten percent. Pharmaceutical companies are using a variety of methods to save time and reduce costs to get drugs to market faster. Biomarker screening is proving to be an effective way to improve the drug discovery and development process. See one of the ways Pharma companies can identify the most relevant biomarkers.

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