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Genotype Screening in Songbirds Made Easy

Christien Bowman, MSc, has traversed a path from psychology to neuroscience, and is now working on attaining his PhD in biomedicine. In this interview, we discussed how Bowman uses Chelex 100 Resin as part of a fast and cost-effective method to determine the sex of zebra finch songbirds. This work ultimately helps Bowman study a behavioral paradigm that creates autism-like features in songbirds.
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Solving Protein Purification Challenges

Carter Mitchell, PhD, is a protein problem solver. As Chief Science Officer at Kemp Proteins, he helps academic and industry researchers develop a range of protein therapeutics, diagnostics, and molecular tools in milligram to gram quantities with bioprocess scale in mind. In this interview, we discussed how Kemp Proteins ensures delivery of high-quality processes and protein-based products to their clients, even when working with difficult proteins.

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