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NalaGenetics Moves Pharmacogenomics from the Bench to the Clinic using qPCR: An Interview with Astrid Irwanto, Co-Founder and COO

Astrid Irwanto is the co-founder and COO of NalaGenetics, a company taking a novel, personalized approach to understanding genetic susceptibility to drug reactions in Southeast Asian populations. A PhD in human genetics and postdoctoral research in genetics disease, along with personal experiences, fuel Astrid’s pursuits. In this interview, we discuss NalaGenetics’ approach to pharmacogenomics and why Astrid decided to translate her academic research to a molecular diagnostics company.
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7 Ways Custom PCR Reagents and Plastics Fuel Product Development

One-size-fits-all solutions cannot address the full range of molecular biology needs in areas such as biotech, biopharma, or molecular diagnostics. When your requirements exceed the existing offerings of reagents and plastics on the market, Bio-Rad can partner with you and provide custom solutions. For a deeper look into these customization opportunities, we spoke with Anna Lai, manager of Bio-Rad’s custom reagents program, and Jennifer Placek, who manages the company’s custom plastics.

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