Bio-Rad’s Universal Real-Time PCR Reagents App brings you in-depth product information for all of our one-step and two-step qPCR kits and reagents. These reagents utilize our proprietary blend of passive reference dyes that enables their use on all real-time PCR systems.

Features of the app include:

  • Individual and competitive performance data compared to other leading products
  • Interactive tutorials covering the qPCR basics on how reverse transcription works and why not all cDNA synthesis kits are created equal
  • Technical manuals
  • Product inserts
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • And more

Download the Universal Real-Time PCR Reagents App or launch the Universal Real-Time PCR Reagents App on the website and get all relevant information on real-time PCR in one place. Use the app to review the data and watch several 3-D animated videos showing the functioning of priming methods in reverse transcriptions and processivity of qPCR enzymes.

Launch the Web App
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