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Fundamentals of Real-Time PCR: The Aftershow

In this special webinar, the presenters of our Gene Expression University: Fundamentals of Real-Time PCR series answer frequently asked questions. Watch now.
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PCR Plates: 5 Tips to Guide Your Buying Decision

Learn about 5 key aspects of a PCR plate that are crucial to your results. These tips provide you with the tools to make an informed decision when purchasing PCR plates.
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Connected Instruments in the Digital Laboratory

As technology advances, a digital transformation has begun in laboratories around the world. Driven by the need to improve data quality and increase the value derived from the investment in generating those data, data management systems, devices, and their workflows are becoming more connected and integrated, ushering in the age of the digital laboratory. The digital laboratory is one where paper lab notebooks are replaced with fully digital data, complete with rich metadata, and generated using integrated workflows. Such data are easy to find, reuse, and reproduce. Further digitization and workflow integration to operate laboratory instruments will advance the burgeoning digital laboratory.
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The CFX Duet Real-Time PCR System: Our Most Accessible qPCR Technology

Through the CFX Duet Real-Time PCR System, our newest generation of quantitative PCR (qPCR) instrumentation, this technology is now even more accessible for molecular biologists and other professionals doing essential qPCR. With CFX Maestro Software, you can perform duplex detection, gene expression, and genotyping, all without paying for additional optics you don’t need. Check out our video tour of the new CFX Duet System.
Preamplification and How it Can Be Used to Maximize qPCR Data Generation from Limited Samples
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Preamplification and How it Can Be Used to Maximize qPCR Data Generation from Limited Samples

Incorporating preamplification into your qPCR experiments may seem daunting, but it is a powerful way to analyze targets from limited samples. The tips in this article will help you understand how preamplification can enhance your qPCR experiments and the considerations and implications for incorporating it into your workflow.
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Key Steps to Ensure Optimized and Reproducible qPCR Experiments

Real-time PCR is a common and easy-to-adopt technology. By keeping a few simple steps in mind as you design and run your experiments you can ensure high-quality, reproducible data.
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Parallel Analysis of RNA and Protein Expression Using SingleShot™ Cell Culture Lysates

Comprehensive and effective gene expression studies evaluate both transcriptional and translational regulation. A streamlined protocol was developed for the parallel analysis of mRNA and protein levels using a single lysate produced from cultured cells.
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A Superior Method for Parallel Analysis of RNA and Protein Expression from Cell Culture Lysates

It is imperative to analyze both the transcriptional and translational profiles for a complete understanding of the functioning of genes. Here we describe a simple protocol that enables parallel analysis of both RNA and protein from single cell culture lysates. See how this workflow could save time and money and yield more reliable data than the traditional protocols used.
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The Importance of Quality PCR Plastics

Do we ever think seriously about PCR plates, seals, and tubes as contributing to the quality of our gene expression results? Chances are that these PCR plastics are viewed just as labware by most people. In this article we bring out how simple factors, such as PCR plate rigidity, color of the wells, and adhesiveness of plate seals, can affect your gene expression results and show why it is important to use quality PCR plastics.
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Using PrimePCR™ Gene Expression Assays to Understand Breast Cancer Metastasis

Tumor metastasis is a complex process. It requires the ability of the cancer cells to invade their surroundings and travel to distant sites and survive. Dr. Traci Lyons studies the mechanism of COX-2 functioning in the metastasis of breast cancer cells. Find out how Dr. Lyons used Bio-Rad’s PrimePCR™ Assays to confirm COX-2 knockdown at the mRNA level.