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10 Tips for Setting Up a Successful Cell Sorting Experiment

Incorporating fluorescence-based cell sorting into your lab grants you powerful access to new research areas and rarer cell types without sacrificing efficiency or results. New, powerful techniques like CRISPR and single-cell analysis are enhanced by the isolation of specific cells. But isolating cell populations of the right quality and quantity is both challenging and time consuming. We offer some tips to set yourself up for success and get the most out of your sorts.
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Expert Coffee Chats: Coffee Chat #4 – Droplet Digital PCR in Cell and Gene Therapy

Presented by: Matthew L. Turner, PhD, Field Application Scientist – ddPCR, NGC and qPCR, Tara Ellison, PhD, Senior Field Application Scientist

Date: June 17, 2020
Time: 9 AM, U.S. Pacific time

  • Robust methodology for viral titer using ddPCR
  • Precise copy number determination & improved confidence in acceptance criteria
  • Enhance your throughput and minimize hands-on time
  • Learn how ddPCR is used in other key applications
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Reference Gene Selection Using PrimePCR Plates and CFX Maestro Software

Reference gene selection and validation are very important for gene expression studies that involve different samples or experimental conditions and therefore are absolutely necessary before any further exploration. See how PrimePCR Reference Gene Selection Panels and CFX Maestro Software provide an easy-to-use system with which to select appropriate reference genes.
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Biosimilar Purification with Ion Exchange and Mixed-Mode Resins

Presented by: Randy Drevland, PhD, Senior Applications Scientist

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Dr. Drevland presents a viable alternative workflow for the development of a HUMIRA-like biosimilar using IEX and mixed-mode resins.

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A Powerful Solution for NGS RNA Library Preparation

The SEQuoia Complete Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit is the newest addition to Bio-Rad’s next-generation sequencing (NGS) space. Capturing long and short RNAs and validated with FFPE and low-quality samples, see why it should be your top choice for high-performance RNA-Seq library prep.
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Maximizing the Efficiency of Production Workflows with NGC Chromatography Systems

See how an antibody expression service provider, Evitria (Zurich, Switzerland) optimized and expanded their antibody production services using the NGC Chromatography Systems to meet the growing demands of their customers.
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Integrating Viral Clearance into Your Process Development — A Case Study Using a Mixed‑Mode Chromatography Resin

Presented by: Akunna Iheanacho, Director of Research and Development at Texcell – North America
Xuemei He, R&D Manager, Chromatograpy Media Chemistry at Bio-Rad Laboratories

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Learn about evaluating viral clearance using a DOE approach with a mixed-mode chromatography resin.

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Protein Thermal Shift Assays Made Easy with
Bio-Rad’s Family of CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems

Protein thermal shift assays enable quick and easy buffer optimization for increased protein stability. See how Bio-Rad’s family of CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems can measure protein thermal stability with higher throughput and more buffer systems than traditional circular dichroism detection.
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Fluorescent Immunoblots and Multiplex Analysis

Presented by: Gary F. Ross, PhD, Proteomics Field Application Scientist

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Learn best practices for fluorescent western blotting, including multiplex analysis and image acquisition.