Discover the simplicity of crafting your own custom PrimePCR plate with Bio-Rad. Follow along with our intuitive plate wizard, which helps you select your plate type (96- or 384-well) and compatible qPCR instrument for precise assay delivery. Tailor your plate to your research needs by choosing your application and organisms, and either follow suggested plate templates for a guided layout or customize your own design.

Key benefits:

  • Streamlined customization process
  • Enhanced experimental flexibility
  • Optimized assay performance

Custom plates can be designed to include PrimePCR Assays, assays using your own primer sequences, or a mixture of both. PrimePCR Assays are expertly designed and wet-lab validated to ensure optimal qPCR assay performance. Bio-Rad offers a complete workflow solution for real-time PCR including RNA isolation kits, reverse transcription kits, and real-time PCR supermixes, as well as real-time PCR systems and data analysis software.

Watch this video to explore the advantages of creating a custom PCR plate.

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