For over 30 years, CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Chromatography Media has been a trusted, proven purification solution for many biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. CHT Media provides exceptional removal of impurities when other chromatography resins fall short.

In this webcast, explore the essential facts and benefits of this chromatography technology.

The 5 essential facts:

  1. CHT Media is eco-friendly and can help achieve your sustainability goals.
  2. CHT Media is considered the gold standard for impurity removal aggregates, leached Protein A, endotoxin, DNA, and host cell proteins (HCP).
  3. CHT Media provides flexibility in your method development giving you the ability to achieve high-purity product.
  4. CHT Media provides unique selectivities, enabling the use of fewer steps in the purification workflow, leading to improved process economics.
  5. CHT Media packs as a non-compressible resin, making packing easier than packing compressible resins in a column.

View this webcast to ensure you are equipped with vital knowledge about this robust multimodal purification approach to help you achieve high-purity products, improve process economics, and reduce resource consumption.

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