Presented by:

David Eaves

David Eaves, Field Application Specialist Regional Manager, Central U.S.

Jordan Sheets

Jordan Sheets, PhD, Field Application Specialist

Tara Ellison

Tara Ellison, PhD, Field Application Specialist

Adam Brown

Adam Brown, PhD, Field Application Specialist

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, PhD, Field Application Specialist

Danielle Rzeczycki

Danielle Rzeczycki, PhD, Field Application Specialist

Laura Moriarty

Laura Moriarty, PhD, Associate Director, Global Customer Engagement Marketing

Available on demand beginning August 9, 2023

Watch this special interactive reunion with the original presenters of our Gene Expression University: Fundamentals of Real-Time PCR module. In this aftershow, recorded live, our host Laura Moriarty, PhD (also the host of our Brilliant Science podcast) teams up with our real-time PCR experts to challenge them with the most frequently asked questions from the original five-part webinar series. Whether you’ve tuned in to the Fundamentals of Real-Time PCR before or are new to the series, this webinar is sure to be fun and informational.

Watch Webinar

New to the Fundamentals of Real-Time PCR series, or just want to refresh your memory? Watch the original webinars on demand from the aftershow page.

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