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Fundamentals of Real-Time PCR: The Aftershow

In this special webinar, the presenters of our Gene Expression University: Fundamentals of Real-Time PCR series answer frequently asked questions. Watch now.
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PCR Plates: 5 Tips to Guide Your Buying Decision

Learn about 5 key aspects of a PCR plate that are crucial to your results. These tips provide you with the tools to make an informed decision when purchasing PCR plates.
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In-Cell Western: A Versatile Tool for Quantitative Analysis of Protein Expression In-Situ

Protein expression analysis is essential in cell biology research, as it provides valuable insights into the molecular mechanisms that underlie cellular functions. Traditional methods for protein analysis, such as western blotting and ELISA, are useful for studying protein expression in cell lysates. However, these methods require labor-intensive sample preparation and do not provide information on the spatial distribution of proteins within intact cells. In-Cell Western is a powerful technique that enables quantitative and qualitative in situ protein expression analysis.
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Scalable Purification Strategies for Viral Vectors and Vaccines

Large-scale downstream processing of viruses can face a range of obstacles different from those of many biotherapeutics. These challenges mostly arise from the size and complexity of the virus, which can affect product purity and recovery. Improvements of purification tools are necessary to overcome these challenges and must be engineered for easy scalability to meet manufacturing demands. In this video, Dr. Mark Snyder discusses common difficulties when developing purification strategies for vaccine production and gene therapy.
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Quick Tips for Bio-Plex Assays

It is imperative to plan and prepare ahead of time for your research using Bio-Plex Assays to be successful. Good assay planning and preparation reduces mistakes and makes for a stress-free assay run. In this series of short videos, we share some simple steps you can take to make sure your work goes smoothly.