It is imperative to plan and prepare ahead of time for your research using Bio-Plex Assays to be successful. Good assay planning and preparation reduces mistakes and makes for a stress-free assay run. In this series of short videos, we share some simple steps you can take to make sure your work goes smoothly.

Bio-Plex Quick Tips — Plan Your Bio-Plex Assay

Getting ready to run a Bio-Plex Assay? Properly planning for your experiment will ensure that the time and resources used for sample collection are not wasted. Apply these tips to make sure that you’re set for success before you even touch a pipette.

Bio-Plex Quick Tips — Prepare the Bio-Plex System

Once you have your samples and reagents ready, it’s critical to ensure that the Bio-Plex System is warmed up and calibrated before use. In this video, we show you how to prepare the instrument for optimal data acquisition prior to the run.

Bio-Plex Quick Tips — Perform a Bio-Plex Assay

Once you’ve planned your experiment and prepared the instrument, it’s time to perform a Bio‑Plex Assay. Review this final set of tips from our experts to ensure that you get optimal results.
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