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Poly(A) Tails: A Critical Quality Attribute in mRNA-based Therapeutics

The therapeutic potential of messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics has an unprecedented ability to target previously undruggable diseases. The poly(A) tail drives the therapeutic efficacy of the mRNA molecule. Using Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) technology to analyze poly(A) tail length and integrity yields unrivaled sensitivity, enabling developers to ensure high poly(A) tail integrity and, ultimately, functional therapeutic mRNAs.
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Microphysiological Systems: A Game Changer for Drug Safety and Efficacy Studies?

In December 2022, a groundbreaking law was passed granting the U.S. FDA the authority to consider data from new alternative methods in the preclinical testing phase for new drug development. Among the new methods are 3D cell cultures that mimic human tissues and organs, known as microphysiological systems (MPS). The new law aims to improve clinical outcomes while decreasing reliance on animal testing. In this article, we discuss MPS and review data showing how they can synergize with Bio-Plex Assays.

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