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Developing Biotherapeutics for Lung Cancer Treatment

In recent years, biologics — drugs derived from living culture systems — have become increasingly significant in the fight against a plethora of conditions. Unfortunately, the efficiency of these drugs comes at a cost. A daily dose of a biologic drug costs, on average, 22 times more than conventional small-molecule drugs. Therefore, biosimilars are developed to make them more accessible. Lung cancer is an example where the development of biosimilars could increase treatment options available for patients.
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Poly(A) Tails: A Critical Quality Attribute in mRNA-based Therapeutics

The therapeutic potential of messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics has an unprecedented ability to target previously undruggable diseases. The poly(A) tail drives the therapeutic efficacy of the mRNA molecule. Using Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) technology to analyze poly(A) tail length and integrity yields unrivaled sensitivity, enabling developers to ensure high poly(A) tail integrity and, ultimately, functional therapeutic mRNAs.

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