The Process Chromatography Team at Bio-Rad offers a variety of resources to address scientists’ needs during the downstream purification process. Self-service options include our robust online library, which contains application notes, tutorials, and webinars. If you require personal assistance, you may request a customized seminar or talk to an experienced specialist.

Service is defined as “the action of helping or doing work for someone” — a personal interaction between the consumer and a representative of the company. This interaction is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, the number one complaint among consumers today is that customer service falls short of the real needs of the customer. When much of customer service is handled through an automated system, service leadership is demonstrated with human support and hands-on interactions.

Our Process Chromatography Team offers a diverse set of resources to meet your purification needs. Self-service options can be found by accessing our robust library of online resources. As part of this digital resource hub, you can locate resin information, application notes, tutorials, technical videos, and our Ask the Expert Webinar Series. You may wish to check back regularly as we routinely add new content and solutions to purify biotherapeutics.

If you would like to screen one of our mixed-mode or ion exchange resins in your process, you may request a sample.

If you need additional assistance with our process chromatography resins, you can speak directly with one of our expert application scientists or request a customized seminar that addresses your unique application needs.

We enjoy supporting you so that you can achieve purification success from development through manufacturing. We’re available to meet your needs virtually, onsite, or at the next industry event. Let us know how we can help you.

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