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Discovering Small Vesicles with Flow Cytometry
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Flow Cytometry — A Gateway for Discovering More about Small Vesicles

Small vesicles were identified over 50 years ago but scientists are still trying to understand their biology and role in disease. These vesicles have become relevant for monitoring, diagnosing, and treating complex diseases such as cancer. Yet, because of their small size compared to cells, they require intricate technologies to truly understand their impact in research. Learn about the various technologies used to study small vesicles and discover the power of flow cytometry for learning more about these valuable vesicles.
Publishing Meaningful Antibody Data
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Finding a Good Antibody:
Part III – Publish Meaningful Data

In the first two articles in our Finding a Good Antibody series, you learned how to select the best antibodies and received tips on proper antibody validation. In this third and final article, see how you can use this information to publish meaningful data when using antibodies. And get some guidelines for antibody best practices.

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