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Generating Semi-Quantitative Western Blot Data Using Bio-Rad’s Image Lab™ 6.0 Software

Presented by: Kenneth J. Oh, PhD, Applications, Collaborations, and New Technology Manager, Protein Quantitation Marketing Group, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Western blotting is a popular tool for protein quantitation, and the advent of digital imaging has greatly increased the sensitivity, dynamic range, and quantitation limits of this technique. In the second webinar in this series, get step-to-step instructions for normalizing western blot data using Image Lab 6.0 Software.

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Tips to Make Fluorophore Picking Easier

Fluorescence is a property of photo-excitable molecules that has been exploited to develop dyes, or fluorophores, that are used in a variety of experimental procedures, including western blotting. Learn more about the science behind fluorescent dyes and get some helpful tips on how to pick the right fluorophores for your experimental needs.

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