Although protein quantitation technology has made great advances, the humble western blot is still a trusted staple in most labs. Beyond all debate, the primary antibody is the reagent that can single-handedly make or break a western blot. Yet finding a primary antibody with reproducibly high specificity and sensitivity is still no small feat. To address this problem, we developed PrecisionAb Antibodies, a line of primary antibodies validated specifically for western blotting

What makes PrecisionAb Antibodies unique?

To become a PrecisionAb Antibody, each candidate antibody is screened against a comprehensive panel of up to 12 lysates from different cell lines expressing endogenous levels of the target protein. When appropriate, screening is extended to biologically relevant tissue samples to ensure that each antibody is tested on the most relevant samples. A rapid protein transfer system coupled with stain-free gel imaging technology is then used to perform and monitor protein transfer. This allows us to screen a large number of antibodies in a very short time. Antibody sensitivity and binding specificity are then evaluated based on quantitative image analysis using a set of stringent parameters. Together these steps ensure that only antibodies that generate dependable data without trial and error are added to the PrecisionAb product line.

See how PrecisionAb Antibodies define a new standard of quality.

Find more information and your PrecisionAb Antibody on our PrecisionAb resource page.

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