To create the PrecisionAb line of validated western blotting antibodies, we screen thousands of antibodies to identify the few that meet our strict criteria for sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility. Every antibody undergoes a rigorous vetting process using Bio-Rad’s V3 Western Workflow™, which includes four key features to ensure that a PrecisionAb Antibody will work every time.

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Four Key Features that Set PrecisionAb Antibodies Apart

  1. Multiple Physiologically Relevant Test Lysates
  • Each antibody is screened against up to 12 different lysates expressing endogenous levels of target protein to ensure that it unambiguously detects its target in relevant cell and tissue types
  1. Verified Protein Integrity and Transfer Efficiency
  • Proteins are separated using TGX Stain-Free™ Gels, and sample integrity and transfer efficiency are assessed using stain-free imaging
  1. Rigorous Quantitative Quality Control for Sensitivity and Specificity
  • Blots are normalized using stain-free total protein normalization and antibody performance is measured against strict quantitative criteria
  1. Complete Transparency
  • Uncropped and unmodified validation blots are posted to each antibody product page along with the validation protocol


Watch this video for more insight into the creation and validation of the PrecisionAb Antibody product line.

Note: Although PrecisionAb Antibodies are rigorously validated for western blotting, with user-optimization they are suitable for multiple other applications such as IF, flow cytometry, IP, and IHC.

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