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Need help? All answers can be found in Resolved — our western blotting comic.

1. S in BSA; see Resolved episode 12
2. Our 5 minute universal blocking reagent; see Resolved ep. 12
3. Visual indicator of electrophoresis progress, DYE .....; see Resolved ep. 3
4. Reagent to check protein concentration; see Resolved ep. 10
5. Our tech for easy total protein imaging; .....FREE; see Resolved ep. 5
6. Tool for handling gels; see Resolved ep. 6
7. Imaging method requiring darkroom; see Resolved ep. 8
8. Gels you don’t have to pour yourself; see Resolved ep. 2
9. Our rapid protein transfer apparatus; TRANS BLOT .....; see Resolved ep. 6
10. Background signal on a blot; see Resolved ep. 11

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  1. SERUM
  3. FRONT
  5. STAIN
  7. FILM
  9. TURBO
  10. NOISE
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