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Efficient Electrophoresis: Aiding Advances in Cardiomiopathy Research

The electrophoretic workflow has undergone few changes since it was solidified as a fundamental tool in life science research in the 1970s. Today, just like then, researchers need to prepare samples, load gels, then perform separation and further downstream analysis, including western blotting.
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Protein Quantitation Assays — Frequently Asked Questions

Protein quantitation is an important part of many workflows. The estimation or quantitation of the protein in a sample frequently allows researchers to understand the results from their work and make decisions on the subsequent steps. Presented are answers to some of the most frequently ask questions related to usage of Bio-Rad’s colorimetric assays for protein quantitation.
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Using the Precision Plus Protein™ WesternC™ Standard as a QC Tool at Key Steps in Your Electrophoresis and Blotting Workflow

As a fundamental tool in protein research, it is critical that all steps of the electrophoresis workflow (from running gels to visualizing blots) are performed successfully to ensure accurate, reliable, and reproducible results. Protein standards are often used to monitor electrophoretic separation and transfer efficiency but do not always enable ladder visualization after blot development.