ArticlesProduct HighlightsReal-time qPCR/PCR

Hard-Shell® 384-Well 480 PCR Plates

The proprietary warp-free Hard-Shell plates have a reputation as premium plates and were widely used on Bio-Rad, MJ, and Applied Biosystems instruments for the Human Genome Project. Now, researchers can use the same high-quality Hard-Shell plates on Roche LightCycler 480 instruments.
ArticlesElectrophoresis/Western BlottingProduct Highlights

Using Precision Plus Protein™ WesternC™ Standards to Validate Major Steps in the Western Blotting Workflow

Western blotting, although a commonly used technique, involves a time-consuming multi step process. The whole western blotting workflow could take up to three days to complete. Thus, having a tool to monitor each of the major steps in the western blotting workflow reduces chances of finding out at the very end of the workflow that an experiment was not successful.
ArticlesChromatographyProduct Highlights

Nuvia™ S Media — A High-Capacity Cation Exchanger for Biomolecule Purification and Downstream Processing

Nuvia S media is a high-capacity strong cation exchanger (CEX) developed to operate over a range of experimental conditions, allowing scientists to scale up from laboratory- to process-scale more quickly and easily. Our data demonstrate that the high capacity and superb purification of Nuvia S media can significantly improve productivity by offering the robustness, capacity, and speed for processing large load volumes with smaller columns and less buffer consumption.
ArticlesBio-Plex Multiplex AssaysProduct Highlights

Bio-Plex Pro™ Mouse Th17 Cytokines

Bio-Plex Pro™ mouse Th17 assays are magnetic bead–based multiplex assays that offer accurate and reproducible measurements of 20 target molecules in serum, plasma, and tissue culture sample types for mouse models. These assays have been developed to provide reliable performance with the flexibility required to meet all of your research needs.