Have a question about a technique or product? Our Bench Partner videos provide useful information on a range of products and research areas in a short format. Lab Notes videos provide essential tips and tricks in just a couple of minutes.

Bench Partners Video Series

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TGX Stain-Free™ FastCast™ Acrylamide Gel Casting

This short video demonstrates how you can access the unique benefits of Bio-Rad’s proprietary TGX Stain-Free Gel chemistry by hand casting your own TGX Stain-Free Gels in just a few quick and easy steps.

Lab Notes Video Series

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How to Design Hydrolysis Probes for qPCR

What’s the optimal melting temperature for a hydrolysis probe? How long should your probe be? And why should you avoid 5′ guanines like the plague? This episode answers these questions and gives you five simple tricks for designing the perfect hydrolysis probe.