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Using PrimePCR™ qPCR Assays to Understand Breast Cancer Metastasis

Traci Lyons describes how PrimePCR Assays ended her laboratory’s struggle to find a qPCR assay that could reliably detect transcription of the cyclooxygenase-2 (Cox-2) gene, which they had identified as potentially prometastatic. Using the PrimePCR Assay for Cox-2, researchers in her lab were finally able to verify cyclooxygenase-2 knockdown, which is a necessary step toward confirming its role in breast cancer metastasis.
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How to Design Hydrolysis Probes for qPCR

What’s the optimal melting temperature for a hydrolysis probe? How long should your probe be? And why should you avoid 5′ guanines like the plague? This episode answers these questions and gives you five simple tricks for designing the perfect hydrolysis probe.

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