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Discover the Technology behind Bio-Rad’s Custom Recombinant Antibodies

See inside Bio-Rad’s custom antibody facility and learn how specific antibody requirements can become a reality through the use of Human Combinatorial Antibody Library (HuCAL®) technology for specialized custom antibodies.

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What You Need to Know About Packing Resins at Process Scale

Learn best practices and guidelines for successfully packing different types of chromatography resins in this video webinar. This includes incompressible resins, like CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Media, as well as traditional compressible resins. In general, parameters such as compression factor, settling rate, and attributes of the base matrix need to be considered when packing resins at process scale. Packing methods can be adapted to obtain simple, highly reproducible packing. Get tips here.
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Quick Tips for Western Blotting

Learn how to improve your western blotting results with our Quick Tips video series. Watch these 1–2 minute videos see how to perfect each step of the western blotting process.
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Quick Tips for Bio-Plex Assays

It is imperative to plan and prepare ahead of time for your research using Bio-Plex Assays to be successful. Good assay planning and preparation reduces mistakes and makes for a stress-free assay run. In this series of short videos, we share some simple steps you can take to make sure your work goes smoothly.
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The CFX Duet Real-Time PCR System: Our Most Accessible qPCR Technology

Through the CFX Duet Real-Time PCR System, our newest generation of quantitative PCR (qPCR) instrumentation, this technology is now even more accessible for molecular biologists and other professionals doing essential qPCR. With CFX Maestro Software, you can perform duplex detection, gene expression, and genotyping, all without paying for additional optics you don’t need. Check out our video tour of the new CFX Duet System.