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#5 General Tips to Make your Multiplex Experiments Easier

Plan your experiment to ensure you use consumables from a single lot.

Consistency is the key:

  • Use low protein binding aliquot tubes to maintain consistent assay performance
  • Dispense reagents using multichannel pipets
  • Ensure you use a lab timer to improve time uniformity between incubation steps in the assay
  • Use dilution tubes to prepare serial dilution
  • Use reverse-pipetting technique to enhance liquid dispensing accuracy
  • Incubate the reconstituted standards on ice for 30 min
  • Resuspend beads thoroughly before removing desired volume

Prepare 25% excess when possible.

Always run your standards, blanks, and samples in duplicates or more.

Strepavidin-PE is light sensitive:

  • Cover the plate with foil during shaking steps
  • Store reagents protected from light

Use a 200–300 μl capacity pipet to remove beads from the stock tube to minimize volume loss. If necessary, perform the volume transfer in two steps.

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