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Explore the Epigenomic Landscape of Single Cells with the scATAC You Seq

Gain access to high-performance chromatin profiling to unravel the complexities of cellular heterogeneity, differentiation, and disease-specific alterations in gene regulation. With single-cell ATAC-seq (assay for transposase-accessible chromatin using sequencing), you can delve into the gene regulatory landscape of individual cells, unlocking invaluable insights into the epigenomic mechanisms that shape their behavior.
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Deciphering Cancer Cell Heterogeneity for Precision Medicine

scATAC-seq is a powerful tool for studying cancer cell heterogeneity. Watch this webinar to see how scATAC-seq can deliver greater insights to your research.
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Maximizing Metastasis Insights with a Novel Integrated Workflow for CTC Enrichment and Enumeration

Watch this webinar to learn how a novel workflow can efficiently isolate CTCs for diverse downstream applications, without disrupting their native biology.
Single-Cell Analysis and the Endless Possibilities
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Finding New Horizons — What Possibilities Exist with Single-Cell Analysis?

Single-cell techniques offer exciting, new ways to understand personalized medicine and research. Developing these techniques at Bio-Rad is Dr. Kelly Kaihara, the third guest on Brilliant Science. Read about what makes single-cell analysis different and Kaihara’s perspective on its potential moving forward.