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Genotype Screening in Songbirds Made Easy

Christien Bowman, MSc, has traversed a path from psychology to neuroscience, and is now working on attaining his PhD in biomedicine. In this interview, we discussed how Bowman uses Chelex 100 Resin as part of a fast and cost-effective method to determine the sex of zebra finch songbirds. This work ultimately helps Bowman study a behavioral paradigm that creates autism-like features in songbirds.
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6 Key Considerations for Getting the Long and Short of RNA-Seq with FFPE Samples

When it comes to tumor profiling, the poor quality and degradation of RNA in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples are major limitations. To overcome this challenge, we tested a novel RNA-Seq workflow using the SEQuoia Complete Library Prep Kit and the SEQuoia Ribodepletion Kit. This workflow offers more complex transcriptome profiling, including both long and short RNA biotypes, to better represent the complete transcriptome.
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Maximizing Metastasis Insights with a Novel Integrated Workflow for CTC Enrichment and Enumeration

Watch this webinar to learn how a novel workflow can efficiently isolate CTCs for diverse downstream applications, without disrupting their native biology.
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Viral RNA Preparation for Molecular Pathogen Detection: A New Application for Chelex 100 Resin and InstaGene Matrix

Although vaccines have helped alleviate the negative impact of COVID-19, its persistence across many areas of the globe reveals a continuous need for rapid, accurate, and economical COVID-19 testing. But is it even possible to isolate and detect viral RNA rapidly and economically? Here we highlight a repurposed tool for improved COVID-19 detection: Chelex 100 Resin and the related InstaGene Matrix for rapid, cost-effective viral RNA preservation and detection.
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Bio-Rad’s 2-D Electrophoresis Workflow How-To Guide, Fourth Edition, is Now Available for Download

Bio-Rad’s 2-D electrophoresis workflow offers better results in a shorter time. Take a detailed look at this workflow by downloading the updated edition of our How-To Guide.
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High-Throughput Automated Extraction of RNA Using the Aurum™ Total RNA 96 Kit

This tech report describes an automated method of RNA extraction using the Aurum total RNA 96 kit and its use in a magnetic–bead based automated process. Results show that throughput can be easily increased with the Aurum total RNA 96 kit and that the automation protocols yield more reliable results, particularly when high sample volumes are used.