The C-96 autosampler improves the efficiency of protein purification workflows by enabling automated sample application. The straightforward tray designs are easy to use; the standard tray accommodates 84 sample vials (1.5 ml each)  plus three additional vials (10 ml each) for mixing and dilution protocols. A Prep Bio kit option is also available, which includes a 24-vial tray that uses 10 ml vials and allows larger sample injection volumes up to 5 ml. The autosampler is available with or without Peltier cooling, maintaining the sample vial temperature from 4° to 15°C to preserve the structure and function of labile biomolecules.

The autosampler has been configured for use with the BioLogic DuoFlow™ system. Installation and setup are quick and easy. The simple software integration allows users to include the autosampler in their purification protocols with minimal effort. For other systems, basic control is available via TTL connections.

Benefits include:

  • Automated sample application, improving chromatographic efficiency
  • Simple BioLogic DuoFlow configuration, allowing quick setup
  • Peltier cooling option, preserving protein structure and function
  • Optional Prep Bio kit, allowing up to 5 ml automated sample injections
  • Three injection modes plus programmable sample and reagent mixing, offering versatile sample handling
  • Biocompatible PEEK fluid path, providing compatibility with all standard aqueous buffers and salts used in chromatography
  • Front panel control, making programming easy



PEEK is a trademark of Victrex PLC.

Ordering Information
760-5010 C-96 Autosampler with cooling, 110–240 V
760-5011 C-96 Autosampler, 110–240 V
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