Multiplex RT qPCR in One Step
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New Product Feature: Multiplex RT-qPCR in One Step

Using RT-qPCR for RNA, though critical in several industries, is often met with challenges. Many current options don’t allow for multiplexing or high-throughput operation. Bio-Rad’s new Reliance One-Step Multiplex Supermix was designed to grant researchers the expanded, efficient capabilities they need in RT-qPCR. This article presents some of the performance data from the new supermix and describes how exceptional it is at multiplex detection.
The Universal qPCR Reagent
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One for All — The Universal qPCR Reagent

Passive reference dyes are included in qPCR/RT-qPCR supermixes to compensate for pipetting errors and thermal and/or optical differences in real-time instruments. Our universal line of reagents eliminates the need for spiking in dyes or having to worry about how much ROX your instrument needs. See how your qPCR experiments can also generate more reliable data and be reproducible by anyone.