Bio-Rad recently launched the NGC Fraction Collector, which, when used with the NGC Chromatography System, provides the flexibility and collection capacity needed for any application, from discovery to scale up. Now run with ChromLab™ 5.0 Software, the NGC platform increases purification efficiency and provides researchers with ultimate control over their process.

The NGC Fraction Collector provides researchers with the flexibility to choose how they collect and when to access their fractions. Multiple parameters can be used for collection based on the slope and/or intensity of percent of buffer from pump B, conductivity, pH, and detector signals. Furthermore, researchers can perform faster downstream analysis with front-to-back dispensing, which provides easy access to fractions before method completion. Researchers are not restricted to any particular type of collection vessel and can choose the type they prefer for each phase in a method, including deep-well plates, tubes, bottles, and carboys (with prep-rack adaptors for large-scale purification). The NGC System is able to accommodate two new fraction collectors, which further expands capacity.

With the NGC Fraction Collector, researchers can purify temperature-sensitive biomolecules with confidence since the instrument includes a highly efficient benchtop Peltier cooling module, which has the added benefit of saving lab space. In addition, an optional enclosure protects samples from environmental conditions and allows full access during a run. Since the enclosure is optional, the same fraction collector can be used for reverse-phase chromatography applications.


NGC Fraction Collector Features

  • Maximize laboratory efficiency with automated collection into multiple sized vessels within a
    method from 96-well plates to 250 ml bottles
  • Achieve production-batch capacity by collecting up to 80 unlimited volume fractions
  • Meet automation and multi-user needs with high capacity
  • Maintain integrity of fractions with a benchtop Peltier cooling option
  • Reach flow rates up to 200 ml/min
  • Perform faster downstream analysis with easy access to fractions during a run
  • Use multi-trigger collection, with slope, pH, and conductivity options
  • Have confidence in the sturdy design with a new range of metal racks
  • Skip rack-specific calibration since the instrument comes factory calibrated
  • Qualify system installation and operation with available IQ/OQ services

With new ChromLab 5.0 Software, researchers can:

  • Maximize capacity with the NGC Fraction Collector or simultaneously connect two fraction collectors
  • Customize vessel collection options in the rack selection library
  • Optimize collection location with the ability to quickly change the first and last fraction location
  • Collect each phase into different types of vessels
  • Customize collection trigger options based on slope, pH, %B, and detector signals
  • Ensure no sample loss with automatic sample tube calculation
  • Have ultimate system control with the ability to make changes on the fly during method runs

Build Your Customized NGC Chromatography System

Explore the NGC platform and configure a system to suit your needs.

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