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TGX Stain-Free™ FastCast™ Acrylamide Gel Casting

This short video demonstrates how you can access the unique benefits of Bio-Rad’s proprietary TGX Stain-Free Gel chemistry by hand casting your own TGX Stain-Free Gels in just a few quick and easy steps.

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NGC™ Chromatography System

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Attaching a Dynaloop to the NGC™ Chromatography System

This video describes the three main steps in attaching a DynaLoop Sample Loop to the NGC™ Chromatography System to enable the injection of larger sample volumes: connecting the DynaLoop Sample Loop to the NGC Chromatography System, priming the DynaLoop Sample Loop, and creating a method in ChromLab™ Software.

Flow Cytometry

Electrophoresis/Western Blotting

PrimePCR™ Assays

Bio-Plex® 200 Multiplex Immunoassay System

ChemiDoc™ Imaging Systems

TC20™ and TC10™ Cell Counters

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TC20™ and TC10™ Cell Counters – Cleaning the Print Heads for Clear Printed Results

Most problems with misaligned printouts on the printer supplied with the TC20 and TC10 cell counters can be solved by cleaning the print heads. In this short video, find out the fast, easy, and effective way to clean these print heads so you can get back to your research!

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