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Trends in Protein Separation and Analysis — the Advance of Stain-Free Technology

What is stain-free technology? How does it work in electrophoresis and western blotting? How does it compare with existing staining techniques? What are its advantages and possible concerns? Here is a technical review of this rapidly growing technological advance.
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Telling the Story of Western Blots with the ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System

For a long time X-ray film has been the standard for imaging western blots, but this method has its limitations. Find out how 3 researchers are using the digital tools offered by the new ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System to beat these limitations and improve their blot images.
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Top Stories of 2013 — Bioradiations Year in Review

From the origins of digital PCR in leukemia research to stopping HIV with novel polymers to better methods for fragment-based drug discovery, BioRadiations has covered some of the most exciting life science research stories of 2013. Now take a look back at these stories and more as we review the best pieces of the year.
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Revealing BRCA2 Pathways in Cancer with Bio-Rad’s V3 Western Workflow

Twenty years after the discovery of the link between BRCA gene mutations and breast cancer, researcher Ryan Jensen of the Yale Medical School is looking into the interactions between the DNA repair protein RAD51 and BRCA proteins using Bio-Rad’s V3 Western Workflow.
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Image Lab™ 4.1, the Latest Software Version, Addresses the Challenges of Multiplex Analysis and Protein Normalization

The updated Image Lab image acquisition and analysis software provides improved tools for total protein normalization using the stain-free technology.