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DIY Cell Sorting with Bio-Rad’s S3™ Cell Sorter

Until recently, cell sorting has been a complex endeavor requiring specialized facilities and trained technicians. This infographic reveals how Bio-Rad’s S3 cell sorter makes this technique available to individual, non-expert researchers in 3 easy steps.
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Bio-Rad Supply Center — How-To Tips for Taking Inventory

In this new video series, Bio-Rad offers answers for some your most frequently asked questions. This installment covers setting up and taking inventory of your Bio-Rad Supply Center.
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Protein Quantitation Assays — Frequently Asked Questions

Protein quantitation is an important part of many workflows. The estimation or quantitation of the protein in a sample frequently allows researchers to understand the results from their work and make decisions on the subsequent steps. Presented are answers to some of the most frequently ask questions related to usage of Bio-Rad’s colorimetric assays for protein quantitation.