Episode 1: Moving to the Cloud

Listen to the podcast. PROLOGUE Charlene Son Rigby: They are really looking to get their test validated and launch their test as quickly as possible. Being able to do that in even as short as a three month period and being able to kind of set up there, you know, the NGS operations, um, as well as getting the IT systems piece up and running is a pretty significant set of activities to complete. The cloud really enables them to do that. Kashef Qaadri: My name is Kashef, and this is BioRad.io — a group of biologists turned bioinformaticians bring you into the world of research and development informatics by interviewing the people responsible for implementing systems and technologies to a unique and diverse set of use cases. Several biopharma organizations are dealing with similar issues, technical, executive buy-in, mindset. Well, organizations can learn from the experience of others and …