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Efficient and Rapid Purification of E. coli–Expressed Toxin Recombinant Protein Fragments

Tetanus toxoid (TT) is a common carrier protein for conjugate vaccines, but its production is faced with significant challenges. Learn about a purification process that yields over 98% pure target protein in this video.
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Assessing Viral Clearance in Early-Phase Process Development

Viral clearance studies are part of a multifaceted approach to ensure biopharmaceutical product safety. To prevent costly changes to a manufacturing process, it is important to assess each operation unit for its efficiency early on during downstream process development. See how a design of experiments (DOE) approach was utilized in this case study to investigate the effect of buffer pH and conductivity on the removal of impurities by an anion exchange (AEX) mixed-mode chromatography resin.
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Purification of DNA Oligonucleotides using Anion Exchange Chromatography

In this webcast, see how Nuvia HP-Q Resin, an anion exchange resin, was used to purify oligonucleotides with phosphodiester backbones in a scaleable workflow.
Nuvia HP-Q
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Large Biomolecule Purification with a New High-Performance Anion Exchange Resin

Presented by: Hana Kim, PhD, Global Product Manager, Process Chromatography
Jiali Liao, PhD, Principal Scientist, Process Chromatography

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Learn about Nuvia HP-Q Resin, a new rigid bead engineered with large pores and optimized surface extenders to deliver both high binding capacity and high recovery at high flow rates. It is ideal for large molecule purification, including plasma proteins, viruses, and VLPs.

A Resin for Purification of Large Biomolecules
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A Resin Built Specifically for Large Biomolecule Purifications

Nuvia HP-Q is a high-performance strong anion exchange resin designed for purification of large biomolecules. See how its optimized particle and pore size leads to high target recovery and high-throughput purifications.