In January 2012, Bio-Rad made a significant addition to its website. You may have noticed a discrete new item, “Applications & Technologies”, in the Life Science Research menu at the top of the home page. The Applications & Technologies link takes you to a virtual encyclopedia with over 100 pages of information on Bio-Rad products, their underlying technologies, and their uses in scientific research. These pages feature background information for those unfamiliar with our technologies and provide tips and user support, from basic to advanced, drawing on the expert knowledge of the Bio-Rad product development team.

The Applications & Technologies pages are organized by field of study.

A Wealth of Information

As implied by its name, this new section of the website is divided into distinct but complementary parts.

  • In the Applications pages, you will discover how Bio-Rad products fit into various research workflows that address complex scientific questions such as biomarker discovery or proteomic and genomic analyses
  • In the Technologies pages, you will find answers to many questions you may encounter while doing your experiments. These pages are filled with practical advice on how to perform an array of techniques from western blotting to high resolution melt (HRM) analysis. You will have access to many useful resources that provide a complete reference work on each topic:
    • — Protocols
    • — Video tutorials
    • — Documentation
    • — Curated references
    • — Links to useful web resources

Applications & Technologies section - video tutorials

Bio-Rad R&D scientists share their expertise in video tutorials.

Droplet Digital PCR technology explained in the Applications & Technologies section

Droplet Digital PCR technology enables absolute quantification of nucleic acid sequences.

Keep Up with the Latest Techniques

We continually update these pages as new products and technologies are added to the Bio-Rad product portfolio. The latest section, Digital PCR, provides an overview of the history and principles underlying this new quantitative PCR technique, explains how Bio-Rad’s QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) system works and discusses its features and benefits, notably absolute quantification of amplification targets without the need for standard curves. Recent publications showcasing novel applications of ddPCR technology are cited, including studies involving differentiating gene copy number at the single-copy level and the detection of rare genetic mutations in a wild-type background.

Troubleshoot Your Experiments

Having problems with a particular technique? Draw on the collective knowledge and experience of Bio-Rad researchers for helpful troubleshooting tips and best practices. Workflow optimization, method development, and protocols are provided for many popular laboratory techniques along with troubleshooting guides addressing particular issues.

  • The 2-D Doctor helps you resolve 2-D electrophoresis issues such as:
    • — Horizontal streaking
    • — Vertical streaking
    • — Irregular patterns
  • Get help with real-time PCR experiments from the Real-Time PCR Doctor to troubleshoot:
    • — Gene expression analysis experiments
    • — Allelic discrimination experiments
    • — HRM experiments
  • Solve issues with western blotting using the Western Blot Doctor:
    • — Loading control problems
    • — Signal saturation
    • — Protein transfer issues
    • — Background
    • — Nonspecific bands
    • — Weak signal detection

Real-time PCR Doctor features in the Applications & Technologies section

Visit the Real-Time PCR Doctor for help with qPCR experiments.

Page content description of the Applications & Technologies section

Browsing the Applications and Technologies pages is easy.

Easy Browsing

An interactive page content menu at the top of each page and a section table of contents lets you see the different topics covered at a glance. Documents, protocols, videos, and references are easy to find at the bottom of each page under Related Contents.

Come and join the more than 150,000 visitors who have already found answers to their technical questions on this website.

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