Scientists should be not only pioneers in their fields, but ambassadors to the next generation.
— President Barack Obama

Following a successful pilot effort in early 2012, Bio-Rad is proud to announce the official launch of the Bio-Rad Science Ambassador Program, which empowers scientists to engage directly with local schools to build student interest in the sciences and increase access to quality science education. The Science Ambassadors concept has earned high praise from scientists and teachers alike. Even more important, the program has garnered rave reviews from students, who are able to conduct an exciting molecular biology experiment by themselves under the guidance of real biotechnology scientists, who teach them the real-life laboratory procedures required to achieve success.

I hope I can be a scientist or chemist when I grow up! Thank you.
— Braden, 5th grade

This program was developed to empower scientists who work outside the educational community to engage directly with community schools, contributing their talent and leadership to inspire young people’s interest in science. Scientists are passionate about their work, and this tool lets them share that passion with students to get them excited about science education and consider pursuing scientific careers.

Biotechnology scientists in all 50 U.S. states can now participate in the program. To learn more, go to the Science Ambassadors website at:

Become a Science Ambassador today.

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