For over 20 years, Bio-Rad has been developing assays for the Luminex and Bio-Plex xMAP Systems. Our assay development process is designed to produce high performance multiplex assays. We prioritize sensitivity, broad dynamic range, reproducibility, and shorter incubation times to get you meaningful results faster. Watch this video to learn more about our SMARTS approach to assay development.

 Benefits of Bio-Plex Pro Assays:

  • Optimized broad dynamic range — quantitate both endogenous and diseased/treated conditions in the same assay
  • Best-in-class performance — achieve a higher level of sensitivity in analyte detection with optimized reagents
  • Reduced turnaround time — save time with fast protocols
  • Reproducible results — gain confidence in your experiments with a robust, magnetic bead–based workflow
  • Streamlined data analysis — manage and analyze your data with ease using Bio-Plex Manager and Bio-Plex Data Pro Software
  • Flexibility — compatible with all xMAP Systems (Bio-Rad Bio-Plex 200 Systems and Bio-Plex 3D Suspension Array Systems; Luminex MAGPIX Systems, LX-200 Systems, and FLEXMAP 3D Systems) and the Bio-Rad Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station

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