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Transforming Cancer Research: Droplet Digital PCR Plays Integral Role at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Droplet Digital PCR has major implications for cancer studies, where the ability to accurately measure biomarkers may result in important insights into cancer genesis and progression. Find out about new findings on micro RNA and Tumor Infilitrating Lymphocytes made possible by ddPCR technology.
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Profiling Dynamic Cancer Drug Responses with BioMarker Strategies, LLC and the Bio-Plex® Multiplex Immunoassay System

In an age of personalized medicine, getting the most out of highly targeted cancer therapies takes finding the best molecular targets for each patient. BioMarker Strategies LLC, a small startup, has been developing an innovative method to do this by modeling oncogenic pathway responses, but they needed to accurately measure the levels of phosphoproteins resulting from the activation of these genes. Learn how they are using the Bio-Plex multiplex immunoassay system to accurately quantify the proteins and generate functional signaling profiles for these oncogenes.
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Life Since the Double Helix: 60 Years of Evolution in Biotechnology

The advances in biological science and its applications in medicine, industry, agriculture, and other fields over the past 60 years have changed the world dramatically. This article highlights the major milestones in biology and biotechnology since the discovery of the DNA double helix.