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Find the Latest Research and Information on Parkinson’s Disease In a New Open Access Journal

Nature Publishing Group has recently introduced a new, free journal dedicated to Parkinson’s disease (PD). This new open-access journal aims to present both the latest research findings and advances on PD, as well as ideas and options for care and treatment, and information on drugs and clinical trials. The journal will also have brief summaries of research work presented in a manner that is easily understood by anybody seeking information on this disease.

PD is caused by the degeneration of dopamine-producing neuronal cells, resulting in the deterioration of motor functions. Although the deficiency can be compensated by external supplementation of L-Dopa, the precursor of dopamine, the disease can still not be cured with that approach. Research over the past decades has focused on the genetics (a few genes like LRRK2, alpha synuclein and parkin have been implicated) and finding other ways that offer neuroprotection. But till date a definitive cure has not been achieved for the disease.

In this context, for patients suffering from PD, any knowledge on the recent developments is power. It opens up possibilities of participation in clinical trials, tapping into resources that were beyond their reach for various reasons, and availing potential services and help. For researchers focused on PD, as well as any curious scientists, an open access source where all relevant latest research information is available, is a great asset. Working together with Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, the new journal is now available for anybody interested in garnering the latest information on PD. A great new endeavor!

Source: Nature Publishing Group

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