Meet Janna and Tomas. After hearing competing claims about the scalability of next-generation chromatography systems, this dynamic duo took it upon themselves to discover the truth. Now let’s face it, when you think of protein purification you don’t usually think of good times. But somehow Janna and Tomas manage to keep the mood light even as they put the systems to the test by simulating changing protein purification needs. Their conclusion? Vote Yes for Better Chromatography. Vote Yes for Bio-Rad.

Bio-Rad’s NGC preparative chromatography systems are designed to rapidly automate the purification of biomolecules. The flexible, modular, and economical design makes the NGC systems the instruments of choice for method development and scale-up. NGC systems are available in six preplumbed, factory-tested configurations with two different flow rates. Each preconfigured system can be further customized and upgraded by adding valves, detectors, or pumps to meet specific application needs. Any system can be configured for operation at either high or low flow rate by simply changing the pump head on the system pump module. With the NGC system, a single hardware platform can be modified as needed to suit changing applications and scales.

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