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Expanding Flow Core Capabilities with the S3e™ Cell Sorter

Andy Riddell, Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager at the Wellcome Trust- MRC Stem Cell Institutes, is expanding his core facility by allowing his researchers to conduct sorting on their own. In doing so, he is now free to explore and answer the challenging flow cytometry questions that require more of his expert time. Find out how the S3e Cell Sorter has allowed Andy that freedom and how easy sorting can be for researchers.

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How Does the Mixed Mode Interaction of a Media Help Achieve High Selectivity and Resolution?

The best chromatography media should yield high protein purity and product recovery as well as be versatile enough to purify difficult samples. Bio-Rad’s CHT™ Ceramic Hydroxyapatite achieves this by virtue of being able to interact with the proteins through multiple modes, making the process extremely efficient. The whiteboard animation describes the mode of action of CHT.
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