This year the California Separation Science Society will present its annual Scientific Achievement Award to Professor Stellan Hjertén of Uppsala University. The award dinner will be held November 3, 2011 at the Waterfront Hotel in Jack London Square.

The California Separation Science Society is a user organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. CaSSS organizes a family of local, national, and international scientific meetings, which focus on all aspects of the separation sciences. Each year CaSSS presents its Scientific Achievement Award to a researcher who has made outstanding contributions to the field of separation science.

Dr Andreas Gießl
Stellan Hjertén
Uppsala University

Prof. Hjertén’s career is remarkable for the depth and breadth of his research. His contributions include work on hydroxyapatite chromatography, the application of agarose in chromatography and electrophoresis, and the development of polyacrylamide-based continuous beds (monoliths) for chromatography. For his development of the first capillary electrophoresis system he is considered to be “The Father of CE.”

Prof. Hjertén has had a long and fruitful association with Bio-Rad Laboratories. His research was key to the development of many Bio-Rad products, including the Bio-Gel® P media, the BioFocus capillary electrophoresis system and CE separation chemistries, the UNO® monolithic ion exchange columns, and UNOsphere™ bioprocessing media.

Bio-Rad congratulates Professor Stellan Hjertén for his achievements and contributions.

For additional information about CaSSS and to register for the award dinner, visit

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