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Bio-Rad’s S3 Cell Sorter Development: Redesigning Cell Sorting Technology

Take a look into the development of Bio-Rad’s S3 Cell Sorter, and see the fresh approach to cell sorting technology that resulted in an innovative new design.
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TC20™ and TC10™ Cell Counters – Cleaning the Print Heads for Clear Printed Results

Most problems with misaligned printouts on the printer supplied with the TC20 and TC10 cell counters can be solved by cleaning the print heads. In this short video, find out the fast, easy, and effective way to clean these print heads so you can get back to your research!
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QX100™ Droplet Digital™ ddPCR™ System at Sangamo BioSciences

Researchers at Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. explain the benefits of using third generation PCR as it applies to their research in the field of personalized medicine. Watch to see the latest generation of quantitative PCR in action.
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The QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System Workflow

Watch the step-by-step workflow for absolute quantification of DNA molecules using the third generation droplet digital PCR technology.
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Using the TC10™ Automated Cell Counter

A better, more accurate, easier way to count cells than a traditional hemocytometer — learn how this automated system works.