The SpaceX Dragon capsule that carried the microbial experiment that school students performed using Bio-Rad's pGLO bacterial transformation kit
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Microbes in Space! High School Students Design Experiments for the International Space Station with Bio-Rad’s pGLO™ Bacterial Transformation Kits

Retired satellite engineer Dan Saldana is helping Valley Christian High School in San Jose, CA build a program to send student experiments to the International Space Station. To study microbial growth in microgravity, Saldana and his students turned to Bio-Rad’s pGLO bacterial transformation kits. Learn about the high-flying travels of these glowing bacteria and the science learning that resulted.
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Top Stories of 2013 — Bioradiations Year in Review

From the origins of digital PCR in leukemia research to stopping HIV with novel polymers to better methods for fragment-based drug discovery, BioRadiations has covered some of the most exciting life science research stories of 2013. Now take a look back at these stories and more as we review the best pieces of the year.
Students at the Muir Woods national monument
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Conservation Genetics: High School Students Use Biotechnology Explorer™ Products to Help Save California Redwoods

“If we want students to be biologists, let’s start being biologists,” says Ray Cinti, a science teacher at Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco. Find out how Cinti’s class is accomplishing this by doing real research on Coast Redwoods genetic diversity using the Biotechnology Explorer Cloning and Sequencing Explorer series.