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Immunotherapy: The Next Frontier for Cancer

Immunotherapy is not a new concept; it has, in fact, been around for more than 125 years. However, recent scientific advances have led to the emergence and rapid evolution of the field, especially immuno-oncology. Get an introduction to this exciting emerging field, learn about the different personalized therapies currently available, and see what the future of cancer immunotherapy looks like.

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Practical Experimental Design for Mixed-Mode Resins

Could you be missing opportunities to make the most of your time spent on protein chromatography experiments? Learn more about how Bio-Rad uses design of experiments (DoE) and our mixed-mode resin, Nuvia™ cPrime™, to optimize process-scale protein purification.
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Tips to Make Fluorophore Picking Easier

Fluorescence is a property of photo-excitable molecules that has been exploited to develop dyes, or fluorophores, that are used in a variety of experimental procedures, including western blotting. Learn more about the science behind fluorescent dyes and get some helpful tips on how to pick the right fluorophores for your experimental needs.
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Speed Time to Results by Incorporating Flow Cytometry into the CRISPR/Cas-9 Gene Editing Workflow

The power to edit a gene is the power to change its function, and with it the biology of a cell. From generating novel cell lines and better animal models for the discovery and preclinical phases of therapeutic research to actually creating a therapeutic itself, CRISPR gene editing is allowing science to advance rapidly. See how enrichment and cell sorting can help generate edited cells faster and more reliably.
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Discover the Technology behind Bio-Rad’s Custom Recombinant Antibodies

See inside Bio-Rad’s custom antibody facility and learn how specific antibody requirements can become a reality through the use of Human Combinatorial Antibody Library (HuCAL®) technology for specialized custom antibodies.