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Erasing Disease: How Gene Editing is Changing Genetic Therapies

Gene augmentation and antisense therapies treat disease by providing a functional copy of faulty gene or repressing its expression. Find out how gene editing tools, like CRISPR, promise a more permanent cure.

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Assessing Cell Health: Necroptosis

In this fourth and final part of the series on assessing the health of your cells, we review the different stages of necroptosis, see how it differs from apoptosis, and learn about the various methods of assessing cellular necroptosis.
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Investigating Immune Response Profiles Using Bio-Plex Pro™ Multiplex Assays

See how one study used Bio-Rad’s Bio-Plex Pro Human Cytokine 27-Plex Assay to investigate immune responses to an anti-viral compound in an effort to better understand vaccine efficacy.
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Fluorescent Western Blotting: Helpful Tips for Optimizing Your Protocol

Western blotting using fluorescently tagged detection antibodies is a technique that is gaining in popularity. However, adopting a new technique can be challenging. Use the tips provided in this article to get started and see how fluorescent western blotting can enhance your scientific research.
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The ZE5™ Cell Analyzer: Designed by Users for Users

Bio-Rad’s new ZE5 Cell Analyzer is a game-changing cell analyzer that was designed with direct input from scientists and flow core labs. Karen Helm runs the flow core facility at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and was one of the experts consulted. See how ZE5 is helping her flow core users do better science.